Department of Translational Medical Bioengineering


Graduates of the Translational Medical Bioengineering Department are ready for solving topical and modern tasks at enterprises, organizations and institutions involved in:

     1) development, manufacturing, distribution, service in the field of healthcare products, containing or produced with the participation of biological agents, namely: biopharmaceutical products (medicines) and medical devices for therapeutic, prophylactic or diagnostic purposes;

     2) development and application of biomedical technologies aimed at the restoration of damaged or injured tissues (through cell therapy).

The educational program ensures the readiness of graduates to carry out research, technological, project, and managerial activities.

Among the leading institutions and companies who need specialists in regenerative and biopharmaceutical engineering, we can name following (Ukrainian and international institutions):

Production enterprises – Pharmaceutical Plant “Biopharma”, Farmak, Scientific-Production Company “Diaprof-Med”, Xema, etc.

Therapeutic and prophylactic institutions – Medical company ilaya, Institute of Cell Therapy, Obstetric and Gynecological Clinic ISIDA, Hema Fund, etc.

Certification and Conformity Assessment Bodies – TÜV Cert, Ukrainian Medical Certification Center, UkrMedSert, State Training Center for Good Manufacturing/Distribution Practice (GMP/GDP Center), etc.

Research institutions: Institute of Genetic and Regenerative Medicine (Ukraine), Palladin Institute of Biochemistry (Ukraine), Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics (Ukraine), Lashkarev Institute of Semiconductor Physics (Ukraine), Max Planck Institutes (Germany, USA), etc.

Offices of International Companies Specializing in Pharmaceutical and Medical Products, as well as in Biomedical Technologies – Merck & Co., Inc., Pfizer, Inc., Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. etc.