Department of Translational Medical Bioengineering

Scientific School – Development and study of biopharmaceutical preparations for therapeutic, prophylactic and diagnostic purposes

In the framework of the general scientific topics, the staff of the department conducts research in two principal directions.

1. Development and study of medical products of biotechnological origin with immunomodulatory, regenerative and nutraceutical properties, as well as the organization of their production.  

Project 1 – Development of the composition and technology, as well as the biological and pharmacological activities of preparations based on recombinant human interleukin-7 (rIL-7). There are no analogues of such drugs on the Ukrainian market. Now in several countries of the world such drugs are used to treat orphan diseases. However, the widespread use of rIL-7 is not allowed: clinical trials are continuing in the United States and the countries of the European Union, which are intended to confirm the effectiveness of such drugs for the treatment of infectious, oncological and autoimmune diseases.

Project 2 – Development of the technology and use of stromal-vascular fraction (SVF) of adipose tissue in clinical medicine. SVF as a source of stem cells is promising for use in regenerative medicine. However, there are various methods of SFV obtaining, different regimens for patients with different pathologies.

2. Development, bioanalytical and technological standardization of medical devices for the serological diagnosis of infectious and non-communicable diseases.

Project – Development and standardization of enzyme immunoassay kits for the diagnosis of infectious diseases, detection of oncomarkers and determination of the state of humoral immunity. Within the framework of this project, scientific and technical work is being carried out to obtain and study the properties of the biological components of the immuno-enzyme kits, namely, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, biomolecules conjugates. On the basis of biocomponents, development of enzyme immunoassays for various purposes are carried, for example, to detect antibodies to the urogenital chlamydia, to determine the level of immunoglobulins, prostate-specific antigen.