Department of Translational Medical Bioengineering


During training for students of specialization “Regenerative and Biopharmaceutical Engineering” there are a number of practices with the following formats.

Research format. Students are able to master the skills of working with biological objects on the basis of scientific and/or scientific and production laboratories. Such practices include the development of methods for working with microorganisms, human and animal cells in vitro, genetic material, etc. This approach allows students to consolidate knowledge of fundamental disciplines – biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, immunology, etc. If this kind of practice takes place in research or testing laboratories of pharmaceutical enterprises, students can make the first step towards mastering modern research methods and work with advanced equipment.

The production and technological format involves the “immersion” of the student in the production, business processes of biopharmaceutical and biomedical companies. This practice can take place either in the departments of pharmaceutical companies, or in the production laboratories of medical centers, or in medical certification centers, or in design and technology institutes (companies).

Biomedical technologies are extremely diverse and each student can choose a place of practice that is more intriguing to his professional outlook.

Examples of practice bases can be found in the “Employment” section.