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Turkish-Ukrainian high technology seminar

12-17 March in Gebze, near Istanbul, was held the first Turkish-Ukrainian high technology scientific seminar , which was initiated and organized by the Embassy of Ukraine in Turkey.

Place the seminar not chosen by chance. In the city of Gebze, on the river bend the Gulf of Izmir Marmara is the largest in Turkey and a unique scientific and technological center of high technology. At its base were working meeting of expert groups.

The object of seminar was knowing with the achievements of scientists of the two countries in strategic areas of Turkey for technology development and discuss the prospects of cooperation. It was the first large-scale meeting of the Ukrainian and Turkish experts. At the seminar were invited scientists from leading institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the National Space Agency of Ukraine, universities. The seminar was organized in 4 sections: aerospace, material science and nanotechnology, modern electronics, energy.

The seminar showed great interest in leading companies and universities of Turkey, among which are the main scientific researcher institution space industry Bilten, Roketsan, Turkish Aerospace Industrial Group, the technical universities of Ankara, Istanbul, Gebze. The seminar was attended by Vice-President of the Committee on Science and Technology in Turkey – TYUBITAK – prof. Omer Anlahan, vice president Marmara Center Dr. Mehmet Demirel, President of the Section of space problems, NAS of Ukraine, Director of the Main Astronomical Observatory of National Academy of Sciences academician Ya.S.Yatskiv, head of the NCA prof. O.P.Fedorov, Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey O.L.Mischenko.

Today, Turkey is investing big money in the development of science and technology, which are defined by the state as a strategically important industry for the country. The total amounts of appropriations exceed 3% of the national budget. A characteristic feature of the country, as, incidentally, and many other developing countries, is to try to create their own competitive products, introduce modern technology and bring its own research and scientific and engineering elite. This creates the necessary conditions for the development of scientific research as the basis of advanced technologies. All this happens in acute competition for orders, markets technologies, scientific and educational services, and trying to make the most use of their own funds in the domestic market.

As a result, Turkey already has notable achievements in electronics, agriculture and automotive. Large state appropriations provided for in the aerospace and aviation industries. Turkey now uses several satellites and microsatellite that were created for her by western countries. Today, Turkey’s main priorities in this area is the creation of space systems monitor the earth’s surface. The solution to this problem is impossible without the participation of foreign experts. Participation of foreign companies and organizations carefully optimized taking into account all factors of development. Very great interest and attention paid to the development of unmanned aircraft as one of the areas deserted robotic technology. This problem involves several companies and leading universities in Turkey.

These and other issues were discussed by experts in the walls Marmara center. Experts of both countries called for the development of contacts both in creating new techniques and technologies, and to conduct joint research and exchange of experts.